Ministry Partners & Patrons – Being a Catholic lay ministry since 1977, it has been important for Living Bridges to partner with parishes, renewal groups, other ministries, schools and host facilities in order to deliver services and communicate with our families, friends and helpers. The Living Bridges Education program has recently expanded in partnership with St. Mary of the Assumption Parish in Phoenixville, PA. This has allowed our program to grow to 3 days per week, serving family-based educators. This historic facility dates back to 1850 and was blessed by the presence of St. John Neumann, a longtime patron for our Catholic educational work. St. Mary’s provides a beautiful church, children’s chapel for Eucharistic Adoration, large modern classrooms, a fully equipped gym and kitchen, along with easy parking. We feel greatly blessed.

Other schools, parishes and grass roots community organizations have collaborated with Living Bridges to create a network of Ministry Partners. We thank God for the blessing of these partners, especially our relationship with Malvern Retreat House. This is critical and ever expanding LB partner, providing great facilities, broad national exposure, digital recording equipment and a gracious gift of hospitality. Our involvement with this Catholic lay institution now includes special Women and Men’s Days, Camp Guadalupe, Women Afire Programs and a new location for world-wide media communications through Radio Maria. St. Joseph is the patron of Malvern Retreat House.

Beyond the earthy components of the Catholic Church – our deepest commitment and thanks go to the “Heavenly Patrons” of Living Bridges, who have called, purified and empowered our people and programs over these years of service.

St. Joseph was the first Heavenly Patron to bless us. His intercession in Bob’s work with men and the early Mass Media efforts was quite unique. St. Joseph showed us the power of “transparent” headship – humble leadership which always leads to Jesus and Mary. It isn’t accidental that St. Joseph is also the patron of Malvern Retreat House where Bob and Anna’s family was deeply touched in 1965 and where their public ministry began in 1980.

Our connection with Mexico and Our Lady of Guadalupe began in 1985, through a powerful encounter with a Mexican woman who had deep devotion to Our Lady and was strongly connected to the Church and government of Mexico.

Bob and Anna met with Maru Ahumada, at just the perfect time to catch a vision of Jesus – a Living Bridge – reaching out through us to both our countries. What happened over the next 15 years to develop this “bridge of love,” serving many needy orphan children and American families would need much more room than we now have. Let us just say that Our Lady and St. Juan Diego called us to Mexico and the needs of international orphan children. Over 15 years of service to many hundreds of international children and US adoptive and hosting families is part of an exciting faith story which needs to be told.

Our Lady of Guadalupe remains a principal patron for our work. We have been ongoing sponsors for the Missionary Image of Our Lady sent from Mexico, in recent years – after developing tours of Mexico and Our Lady’s Basilica to build support for our work with needy children and extreme poverty in Mexico.

A patron for our educational work has always been St. John Neumann, the immigrant Redemptorist priest and former Archbishop of Philadelphia. His call for Catholic education was the basis of our work with family-based programs. It is no accident that St. John Neumann ministered at and touched the church of St. Mary’s in Phoenixville, in the 1850’s – where we now hold our educational programs.

These friends of God and our work bring us strength and vision for the journey of faith and ministry. We beg their ongoing blessing to each person and program of Living Bridges.