Mass Media – We have always utilized the mass media – print, tapes, radio, TV and now the internet to present our messages. Also, we collaborate with In His Sign Radio Network, providing programming for IHS and Catholic Internet Radio. Some of our team members volunteer for two exciting programs on Radio Maria: “Don’t Give Up” and “Living the Word.” “Don’t Give Up” features Anna Iatesta and Anne McGlone, from Malvern Retreat House – with invited guests and world-wide reach. This weekly program is available throughout the US and on the internet globally 5:00 – 5:50 pm ET each Wednesday. “Living the Word” brings the men, youth ministers, and scripture teachers to a weekly program each Friday evening, 7:00 – 7:55 pm ET.

Living Bridges founders, Bob and Anna Iatesta, have created and co-hosted the Gabriel Award-winning TV series “On the Way.” Bob is the author of “Fathers, A Fresh Start for the Christian Family” and Anna has now authored an inspirational booklet series titled: “Reflections.” Bob and Anna have received many national awards and have been featured on EWTN TV/Radio and other media networks.

Beyond the electronic media, Living Bridges provides an ongoing schedule of retreats, conferences and varied publications to: Serve Children, Strengthen Families and Stir Faith in God. We are about sending good messages to those we serve.