Camp Guadalupe has been hosted by a variety of parishes in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, with long time priest friends. Over the last 9 years we have seen large numbers of teens and young adults wanting to serve at camp. With exceptional youth leaders like Rob Longo and Jeff Braconnier, original theme music and creative arts have become part of our experience. The young people have also served as "prayer warriors" providing ongoing intercessory prayer in Adoration Chapels.
Group Leaders – In charge of a group of children; Escort them to sessions
Group Aides - Help the group leader; Accompany the children to their sessions
Teachers – Develop and teach curriculum based on Camp Theme in Art, Games, Music, or La Vida (The Life of the Church)
Teacher's Aides – Classroom set-up/clean-up daily and in class assistant
Liturgist – Prepare Liturgy for Friday Mass
Sacristan (Extraordinary Minister)– Expose and repose the Blessed Sacrament (am & pm); Fri. Mass duties
Adoration Escorts – Escort Adorers to/from Adoration during Camp
Photographer/Videographers – Take still photos & video at Camp; provide to office
Bell ringer – Ring the bell for change of classes
Sign in/out Table Monitors - Greet campers, sign them in, give name tags, take lunches, etc.; Oversee camper sign-out matching campers with their parents
Safety Officer – Supervise the… Open & Close Camp; Outdoor Signage; Secure Pedestrian Safe Zone; Direct Auto Traffic to Parking; Direct Foot Traffic to Sign-in; Monitor Doors; Walk Camp throughout day ( visit every useable space); Supervision of Lunchroom
Office Assistants –Process camper registrations, volunteer applications, and criminal record checks; phone calls; Camp shopping & delivery
Adult Volunteer Coordinators – Train, schedule, and support adult volunteers
Youth Volunteer Coordinators - Train, schedule, and support youth volunteers
Camper Coordinators - Schedule campers to groups; Supervise sign in/sign out campers; Parent Contact; Give vital info to Group Leaders; Meds/first aid; Troubleshooting
Facilities Coordinator - - Design Floorplan/map;- Supervise Set-up/Tear Down; Liaison with on-site personnel; Provide facilities tours to volunteers; Indoor Signage; Supervise Clean-up
Please fill out the Volunteer Form, save it and email it back to us.