Camp Guadalupe has been hosted by a variety of parishes in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, with long time priest friends. Over the last 8 years, Camp Guadalupe has been held at St. Francis of Assisi in Springfield, with the blessing of Fr. Sal Riccio, many wonderful volunteers and parish staff helpers.

In addition to St. Francis of Assisi, we were invited again this year to present a second camp at the Malvern Retreat House.

Beyond these two camp sites and dates shown on the flyer (see reverse side), we are now preparing to "package" Camp Guadalupe to allow many other parishes and Catholic groups to have an opportunity to share this blessing of faith, fun and family. Those considering this option may want to "Come and See". i.e., visit either camp to explore possibilities for your parish or renewal group. Also, you may want to participate as a volunteer for either camp to get a real "taste" of Camp Guadalupe.

Living Bridges Co-Founders and Directors, Bob and Anna Iatesta, with their daughter Michelle began Camp Guadalupe 18 years ago. The original focus was reinforcement of the Latino culture for adopted Mexican children and their US parents. Today the camp has expanded it's faith mission to touch everyone in a parish setting. Anna Iatesta has said, "The camp is impregnated with Catholic faith and that is what is so beautiful."

Along with local children, we have always had invited guests to share this blessing. In previous years Living Bridges and local families have sponsored orphan children from Mexico and lately children from Mision Santa Maria in Avondale, PA. The Mision Chaplain, Msgr. Frank Depman has been a great helper and advocate for Camp Guadalupe. These children are sponsored by your donations to Our Lady's Scholarship Fund.

Over the last few years we have seen large numbers of teens and young adults wanting to serve at camp. With exceptional youth leaders like Rob Longo and Jeff Braconnier, original theme music and creative arts have become part of our experience. The young people have also served as "prayer warriors" providing ongoing intercessory prayer in Adoration Chapels.