This year Living Bridges celebrates over 30 years serving U.S. families and needy children through educational programs, scripture and faith sharing programs, group support activities for men and women, multi-media outreach, new transcultural and digital learning programs. Shown here are Bob and Anna Iatesta, our Co-Founders, who were personally blessed at the Vatican by Pope John Paul II, in 1990 – following his trip to Mexico.

Bob and Anna have been in full time service to families and children since 1977. They are the parents of seven children and 13 grandchildren. Bob is the author of Fathers: A Fresh Start for the Christian Family (Servant Publications.) Anna is the author of a booklet series titled “Reflections”. Bob and Anna are both radio hosts for Radio Maria Network. They author several regular publications, and co-hosted On the Way, a Gabriel award-winning television series. Bob and Anna are recipients of several national awards including the Donald Noyes Memorial Award and the Catholic Contribution Award by the Catholic Campaign for America.

The ministry work of Living Bridges has always focused on the following three major aspects of our mission:


We are blessed with a dedicated staff of talented and holy men, women and young adults. Each Living Bridges Program is run by a team of faith-filled and selfless volunteers who carry our mission forward, reflecting the heart and mind of God to those we serve.

We are very thankful for the volunteers who serve with us and especially the teens and young adults, bringing a fresh energy and a Catholic faith witness to children and their parents. We call our teen helpers “Prayer Warriors”. Through adoration before the Blessed Sacrament and Christian enthusiasm, they bring a wonderful witness and ongoing intercessory prayer, at Camp Guadalupe.